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Lovely words from our readers

Great theory, January 12, 2014
By Annie (NJ, USA)

“Brilliant. (I substituted the word “binky” for paci) – I have a 3.5-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy. I don’t care what psychiatrists say about all our “lies” to our children- these “lies” work and keep it in-traumatizing than just taking away the binky cold turkey. It becomes a magical memory for the child. Like Santa Clause, Easter bunny, Cupid…whatever. I read this book for about 3 weeks and asked them to tell Palina (the binky fairy) what they wanted in place of their binkies …Palina left their gifts on the dining room table in the morning for giving up their binkies. Only one night of tears and it was over!”

Great Book, July 30, 2013
By dmh28

“Amazing book!! I love it, and so do my kids. I would def recommend this book. Melissa Burnett is great”

Extremely Helpful!, January 7, 2013
By Erin R Brown –

“After reading reviews and eager for some help in successfully saying goodbye to my almost 2 and a half year old’s paci (“he-he”, I purchased The Paci Fairy. We read it to her several times over a 2 week period and she picked up on it right away. She knew the He He Fairy was coming soon and was prepared for her. We created a He He box on the day of and put all of her beloved pacifiers in there. She was not happy the first night and cried for about an hour – then had a difficult time going to sleep as expected, but she “got it”. She knew they were going to babies that needed them and I truly believe this helped. Also, the next morning when they were gone, and a present in their place, that was it. She has only asked for it once or twice since then, as she knows they are gone for good. It has been a week and every day is better. The first night was the only real crying and i am so grateful for the book. It was extremely helpful and i believe gave her peace in knowing why she had to give them up. Thank you!”

Good and effective, January 6, 2013
By N. Altenburger –

“My 4-year-old was told by our pediatrician that the Paci Fairy was coming to town and leaving her a gift for her pacifier since my daughter was still using the pacifier to sleep. My daughter’s response was ‘I don’t like the Paci Fairy’ I thought I was going to have a huge battle in front of me, but once we got the book, my daughter became more and more interested in giving away her pacifiers. And when the day came, she had a spring on her step. No problem, no tears. Really helpful book, we keep reading the story to this day.”

Binky-free in less than a week, November 14, 2012
By LM Harper “LM Harper” (Gainesville, FL) –

“My daughter was approaching her third birthday and still relied on her binky for comfort. I knew the day was coming when she would have to give it up but I dreaded taking it away or hiding it from her. So I found the Paci Fairy book online and gave it a try. I read the story to her a few nights every night before her birthday and told her that the fairy would come the night of her big day to take her binky and give it to another baby. I asked if she was ready and she said yes. She loved the book and was fascinated by the fairy coming to her house. So the next morning her binky was gone. Keep in mind the fairy also left a prize in return of her generous donation which helped to take the edge off her missing lovie. The first night without a binky was tough but she pushed through and we read the story for a few more nights. I really don’t know what I would have done without this book. It was a huge help during the transition. Now when we see a baby out in public with a binky she says “The fairy gave my binky to that baby, isn’t that nice mommy?” and she still occasionally loves to read the story about the Paci Fairy.”

Worked after reading it one time!, September 22, 2012
By kenwjones –

“I buy A LOT from Amazon, but never really review anything. My 2 1/2-year-old daughter was hooked on pacifiers, and it seemed to be getting worse. I ordered this book. It sat on the counter for a few days and I read it to my daughter as part of her bedtime routine. The next day, around nap time, I told her the paci fairy was coming and to put her pacis in a box. Amazingly, she napped without it. We snuck a “letter from the fairy” along with a new toy and a new book under her pillow. She was in awe and totally excited over the paci fairy taking away those pacis for the new babies that need them. We had a few rough nights following but she adjusted to sleeping without one. On rare occasions, she mentions it but we just chuckle and say no, the fairy took them. She doesn’t get upset or mention it again. Very pleased with the concept and the book itself, it did work great.”

Highly Recommend!!, October 18, 2011
By lindsay0108 –

“We used this book to help our 3 1/2-year-old daughter give up her paci. She had only been using her paci at nap and bedtime but I was completely dreading this transition as she really loved her paci. I read the book to her for two weeks. During this time we talked a lot about Paulina and her visit and we set a date for her to visit our house. When the date arrived we did a lot of fun things that day and at bedtime, as usual, we read the book. After reading the book, my daughter set her pacis out for Paulina (she felt more comfortable having Paulina visit our kitchen rather than her bedroom). I let her take her time as she kind of played with them and enjoyed them one last time. Then when I told her it was time to go upstairs to bed she went right up and got into bed leaving her pacis on the kitchen table for Paulina. When I tucked her in we talked about Paulina’s visit and told her how proud mommy and daddy are of her and what a big girl she is. After I left her room I did hear her whine just for a few seconds and that was it! Not one single tear was shed! When we woke up the next morning she was very excited to see that Paulina had visited and left her some very cool presents. Throughout the next couple of days, she would randomly ask me about her paci and I would just remind her that Paulina had come and taken them so that she could give them to babies who need them and how proud mommy and daddy are of her for being such a brave, big girl. I am amazed at how well this worked and how painless it was. The Paci Fairy made our transition so successful and easy. Thank you so much for writing this book! I’d also like to comment on Chrisann Zaubi’s illustrations. They are absolutely beautiful! My daughter loved them. I would highly recommend this book to any parent looking to get rid of the paci. I’ve already told all of my family and friends about it! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!”

So helpful., October 16, 2011
By S. Wyler (Anywhere, USA) –

“My daughter was a big-time addict to her pacifier. She would sleep with anywhere from 2-4 pacifiers. If she saw it during the day and I didn’t give it to her, she would get quite upset. My sister had used the pacifier method with her daughter and since my daughter loves books I thought I’d look for a book to go along with the process. We read this book for a couple of weeks prior to the pacifier fairy actually coming. We send the letter and planned it all out. We took all of her pacifiers (or taptees as she called them) and put them into a gift bag. We hung it on her doorknob outside of her room. The pacifier fairy came, took the pacifiers and left her a present in return. She got two princess dress-up dresses and was thrilled. The first nap and bedtime following the pacifier coming were slightly tough but nothing compared to what I thought it would be. I highly recommend this book and the official website also has a bunch of other accessories to go along with it. You won’t be disappointed.”

June 3rd, 2011
Victoria McLogan
Rancho Santa Fe, Ca

“Hi Melissa, we already have your book (signed by you a few years ago but not written to her specifically). So, just a personal e-mail to her would be great! She loves the story, the fairy, and the illustrations of the fairy (she knows it’s just a story, however). Monday is author’s day in her Kindergarten class and they will be wearing white t-shirts with their favorite page of their favorite book painted on the front. She chose your book over ALL of her other books, by far, and is sharing it in her class this week. I was thinking if you could email her a message, then the teacher could read it to the class on Monday. Many of the kids chose Dr. Seuss and other authors. It would be sooooo cool to receive a note from the author stating that you appreciate her selecting your book as her favorite.”

June 1st 2010
John Feehan| Chief Financial Officer | Virgin Mobile

“Dear Melissa, — Congratulations on this and as a single dad, thank you for your book! I will relay to you a quick story….my son was having problems giving up his pacifier at night. After we chatted that weekend at the sailing regatta, I took your book and advice and told him that the paci fairy would be coming soon to take his paci and give it to little boys and girls who needed it more than he did since he was becoming such a big boy. He seemed to get it and I just kept reading the story and talking to him about it and he started to look forward to it because to him it meant he was a big boy now. The paci fairy came and the fairy gave him a blanket instead… He was thrilled and since the day that happened, he has never asked for the paci again. I got the idea from you and your book, and it made my life so much easier…so thank you.”

Oct.2nd 2010
Jim Burnd (Father of four-year-old daughter who would not give up the Pacifier)

“Hey Melissa, — Jim Burnd here! Had to call you in regards to your Paci book – what a concept! I brought it home that night and read it to her (laugh) and we talked about the story (laugh – the next day we went out and picked out something special for her and that night …man she gave them up! 2 days – BOOM – Done – binkies GONE! Audios Amigos (laugh, laugh) I said to myself oh my god, that Melissa is so smart – the book worked like a dream, I can’t say enough – my daughter has been off the paci forum about three weeks now and SHE HASN”T EVEN ASKED FOR ONE! It’s incredible ..they are gone..the paci fairy took them away! She has a cabbage patch Stuffed doll instead. Thank you for your help!”

Dec. 1, 2010
Amy Jo Johnson
Currently on “Flashpoint”,Actress from “Felicity”-original Pink Ranger

“The book, “The Paci Fairy” is a clever and magical story that not only helps children let go of their hard habit to break, but is also a delightfully charming read. My daughter is in love with the book and asks for it every night!”

Debbie Zdrazil Huntington Beach, CA

“Dear Ms. Burnett, — We really enjoyed your book and so happy that you wrote it. Six years ago, my oldest son gave up his pacifiers the way you suggested. I had read about it in some parenting book. It worked wonderfully. However, I had wished at the time that there be a book to go with the experience, but I never found anything worthy. I only found Sesame Street type books about giving up the bottle. Now, my youngest son Corey is almost 5, and I was finally ready to give up his pacifiers. So I searched online again and found your book on Amazon. I was so happy to have the book for extra support. Thank you for writing it. I am sure you have helped many parents and children. Corey has been paci-free for 3 weeks now and he has never looked back.”

Crystal Floyd
Bothell, WA

“Melissa, — I wanted to thank you so much for writing an amazing book. Our boys Ethan (3 1/2yrs) & Austin (2yrs) loved it! We read it twice daily for a few weeks and by then they were asking for the Paci Fairy to come and visit because they weren’t babies anymore. The illustrations were very refreshing and calming to look at. The night Palina Paciloo came, we placed all their paci in birthday bags downstairs and then they asked Palina to come. They went to bed with no trouble and in the morning they were so excited when she brought Handy Manny toys! She even wrote them a note to tell them how proud she was for them becoming big boys. A week went by and we were out at a place called Pump it Up (bouncy place) and the boys saw a boy maybe 4yrs with a pacifier in his mouth and they said look mommy he is a baby. They said that they were big boys and didn’t need a paci anymore. I shared this book with my Grandmother over the phone and book brought her to tears. She had never heard of such a book and was speechless with the results. This has been a great experience for both my husband, boys and I. It was great to see their faces light up while reading the book and we are still reading every night before they go to bed and it’s been over a month. Thanks so much!! We have been recommending your book to all of our friends and family members. You think you could write a potty training book?! You might want to consider it. Hope you enjoy the pictures I have included.”

Erica Fishkin

“Dear Melissa: — I wanted to thank you for your lovely book and let you know that it helped my daughter willingly give up her paci’s to trade for a toy. It was a pretty good trade – she loves her iPod 🙂 We read the book a number of times and talked a lot about Palina coming at night to trade Natalia’s paci’s for a toy. Then my daughter put the paci in a big envelope and decorated it to leave for Palina to take one night. We made the switch back in April but my daughter still really enjoys your book! She is very much into role-playing now and likes to pretend she is Palina Paci Fairy coming to trade pacis for toys! Thank you for creating a wonderful story centered around the Paci Fairy and providing my daughter with a way to give up her paci’s in an empowering and endearing way.”

Andra Brosh, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Santa Monica, CA 90405

“Dear Ms. Burnett, — I was so happy to learn of this book! Not only do I constantly hear from the parents in my practice about their concern over pacifiers, I have two children (now 16 and 13) who LOVED their pacifiers. I was never concerned about not being able to get my children to give up their pacifiers because I knew if it was done in a loving and mindful way that it wouldn’t be a trauma. When the time came I explained to them that it was time for them to send their pacifiers to someone younger who needed them and we boxed them up and sent them off in the mail. This worked both times except with my son I missed one and I found him fast asleep in his bed the first night off the pacifier sucking away on one he had found under his bed! I will definitely share this book with my clients and I will add it to my webpage links.”

Emily Kime
Mon, Sep 24, 2012

“Dear Ms. Burnett – Just a quick note to let you know that after a grand total of TWO readings of your book, my twin girls are pacifier free! One of my girls gave her paci up after the first reading of “The Paci Fairy” and my other daughter gave hers up the very next day before naps. I was warned by other parents commenting on your book, but I didn’t take their advice and found myself without their special gift from the fairy so I was shopping at Walmart hoping to find a Dora Mermaid at 10:00 p.m. that night! They only had ONE so that was okay since only my daughter, Vivian, had chosen to be visited by the fairy that night. The next day, I had to run to Toys-R-Us during nap time in search of ANOTHER Dora Mermaid as my other daughter, Beatrice, agreed to give up her paci too. I WAS SHOCKED how easy it was and I credit your book for that. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great idea for a book and it really worked.”